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Support Our Sessions

Our Continuing Efforts

Through community outreach programs, scholarships, and financial assistance, we were able to support 1,236 students, providing the benefits of art education to those who need it most. Our free, afterschool youth classes through the Allentown Neighborhood Arts Program and the Teenage Scholarship Program add 20 more hours of arts instruction to each child’s educational experience. Our Young Artist Program gives youth on probation the opportunity to complete their community service through art class in a healing environment. Our STAR program gives seniors, veterans, and adults with significant health challenges the opportunity to attend classes for free. Collaborations with Creative Abilities of the Autism Society Lehigh Valley and Mercy School for Special Learning offer art making experiences with sensitivity to the varied learning styles of young artists with special needs. These are just a few examples of our efforts to ensure that arts education opportunities are available to all.

Thank you for partnering with us to support our students’ creative artistic exploration. We are proud to be our students’ “happy place,” and could not do it without you! In the words of one of our adult students,

“Art makes my soul sing and doing so in a community makes me feel a sense of belonging in the world.”

Your gift creates a stronger, more vibrant, and interconnected community that values and celebrates the transformative power of artistic expression!

Session Sponsors will be recognized in our Fall, Winter, Spring, and Post session brochures and e-newsletters. All pledges received before July 28, 2023 will be included in our Fall Session brochure. Support received after that date will be recognized in our e-newsletters and future brochures. Please donate online at www.baumschool.org. Thank you for supporting The Baum School of Art!