Mercy Special Learning Center
students have been attending The Baum School of Art for the past 10 years. Each year 20 scholarships have been provided to disabled children. FALL, SPRING

The Good Shepherd Home Program
allows for residents with a variety of disabilities to be brought to the School to learn a variety of techniques and thought processes. Approximately 25 students attend over the course of one year. FALL, SPRING

Access to the Arts
This program for adult mental health consumers in the Lehigh Valley grew out of the School’s response to needs that are expressed by various people in the community. This is now an ongoing program serving approximately 30 students throughout the year.

Community Programs
As needs are expressed by various agencies in The Lehigh Valley, The Baum School has responded by designing special programs. Examples in the past years are Women in Families (11 students in 2001), Headstart workshops for pre school age children. (50 students in 2002-2003)
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