Communities in Schools
Communities in Schools students in the Allentown School District attend art classes at The Baum School of Art for their art credits.

Grace Montessori Art Program
Grace Montessori Art Program Students from Grace Montessori School attend weekly art classes for the full school year.

Inner City Neighborhood Program
The Inner-City Neighborhood Scholarship Program has been running at The Baum School of Art for over 20 years. Third through fifth grade students from Central, Cleveland, Jefferson, McKinley, Ramos, Ritter, Sheridan, and Washington Elementary Schools participate in this program. Transportation is provided for the students by The Baum School of Art

At the end of the spring session, the Baum School faculty recommended eight students from the Neighborhood classes for the Eric Steen & Associates Award. These children received a full scholarship for one class during the post or summer session.
SMArt (Students Making ART)
The SMART (Students Making ART) Program provides third through fifth grade students from Mosser and Roosevelt Elementary Schools the opportunity to attend an after school art program at the Baum School of Art.

The Teenage Scholarship Program
Every year, The Baum School of Art invites area junior high and middle schools to recommend talented young students as candidates for the Teenage Scholarship Program. This program focuses on technical and creative development for serious eighth grade students.

Young Artist Program
Teens on probation in Lehigh County study art after school in the Young Artist Program. A student exhibition and reception is held at the end of the session to celebrate the students' achievements.
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