East Carolina University, Greenville, NC
Masters of Fine Art Jewelry Design, 2000

Kutztown University. Kutztown, PA
Bachelor of Fine Arts Jewelry Design 1996


Selected Teaching Experience
2010 Spring Semester, Assistant Professor Sabbatical Replacement, All levels of Jewelry
Design, Kutztown University- Kutztown, PA
2009 Jewelry Design, All Levels, SUNY West Chester - White Plains, NY,
2009 Workshop Instructor, Korean Surface Techniques, Pennsylvania Society of
Goldsmiths - Wayne, PA
2009 Taught a two week program for former commercial sex workers infected with
AIDS/HIV how to make jewelry as an alternative means of income., Cameroon
Baptist Convention - Bamenda, Cameroon
2008-present Jewelry Design All Levels, Technical class, Special Topic Workshops
Baum School of Art - Allentown, PA
2007-present Beginners Only, Jewelry 2, and Special Topic Workshops, 92nd Street
YMHA Art Center - New York, NY
2007 Non-Traditional Enameling three day workshop, Peters Valley Craft Center –
Layton, NJ
2005-2008 Instructor of Jewelry Classes, Cold Connections Only, Make Workshop –
New York, NY
2005-2007 Adjunct Professor of Jewelry Design, St. Johns University - Queens, NY

Selected Professional Experience
2010 Present, Work as a sourcer for objects and and fabrications of custom jewelry as
editorials photo spreads require, Robert Summerll- Set designer- New York,
2010 Present
Source and Fabricate elements for visual merchandising as needed for
special projects, Tommy Dobriskny -Vice President of Visuals, Barneys- New
2010 Present Collaborating and fabricated the piece “Alchemy” for NADA, Miami
Basel, Miami FL, Also Fabricated key elements for his video entry At the Back of the North Wind into the Venice Biennale Anton Ginzburg: Artist, Designer - New York, NY
2010-2011 Marketing and Design for an established Antiques dealer. Recently
opened(landed) an account with On Pedder Group in Hong Kong which will sell vintage luxury labels such as Hermes, Chanel, YSL and Custom Memento Mori jewelry. Sales totally 160k per year. Also supplied the Shop at the Copper Hewitt National Design Museum with jewelry to coincide with the Van Cleef and Arpels show February 2011. Also help ion the design jewelry using vintage pieces to create new items. Coordinate interns, and manage 3 jewelers and the shop.
Roy Rover Antiques - Hellertown, PA
2009 Present Taught a two week program for former commercial sex workers infected
with AIDS/HIV how to make jewelry as an alternative means of income.
Continually send supplies back to Cameroon, and work in the US to provide retail opportunities for the Women. Cameroon Baptist Convention - Bamenda, Cameroon
2009 A Presence of Thought will be a digital presentation at the SNAG 2010 conference.
Student artists will submit images of their artwork in the context of its intended
use/environment as well as utilizing a typical formal backdrop. Jurors are Janna
Gregonis, Veleta Vancza, and Jonathan Wahl. Juror for SNAG Juried Student
Work Presentation - A Presence of Thought
2009 Present  Fabricating and collaborating with Lori Leven owner of New York
Adorned for a their in-house line of jewelry. Recently completed jewelry a line for Lori Leven for Mara Hoffman, swimsuit designer’s Miami Swim Resort 2011
Handel all aspects of production coordinating castings, setters, cost/production sheets, repairs, sourcing, re-purposing vintage estate elements, New York Adorned - New York, NY

Selected Exhibitions & Publications
2010 - Baum School of Art Faculty Exhibition, Allentown, PA
92y Faculty Exhibition, New York, NY
2009 - Baum School of Art Faculty Exhibition, Allentown, PA
School of Seven Bells editorial
92y Faculty Exhibition, New York, NY
2008 - 92y Faculty Exhibition New York, NY
Modern Luxury: Manhattan: Models wearing JM Willard Jewelry
2007 - Fantastic Man Summer '08 Issue, Models wearing JM Willard Jewelry
Peters Valley Faculty Exhibition, Layton, NJ
2006 - St Johns University Faculty Show, Queens, NY
Production line JMWillard launched

2002 - Scholarship for Haystack Mountain School
1997-2000 - Gravely Scholar, East Carolina University, Tuition Wavier and Stipend
for Graduate Students

Teaching Philosophy
I strive to prepare the students with the skills to maintain a healthy studio practice. Challenge them to question and answer what drives them to fulfill the creation process. I arm them with knowledge of materials, form, aesthetics and history to create well crafted intuitive pieces of art.  I enjoy teaching a student how something is made, from the process in their mind of understand the principals of design to the physical rendering of that guiding principal.  When teaching a process I take the lesson ( problem, skill) and break it down into small elements almost to the point where a student might not understand what is happening until all of the elements come together to illustrate the task at hand. When teaching jewelry design I begin by teaching the student to make a very fundamental shape of a ring. That simple loop, or band or circle is an integral element in everything the student will need to complete the semesters projects.  In a sense its a keystone or an anchor for everything they will need to create although they are unaware the power such a simple object holds until they find it becomes ubiquitous.
Teaching jewelry and 3-d provide many of the same challenges; as one has the general design principles embedded in the course and the other (metal working) uses those core principals to create an art object. The foundation is the strongest part to anything that is to be made. In 3-d we will explore the foundations of mass, volume and space balance proportion and rhythm. The students will be prepared with a strong base as they go onto to their chosen majors.
I teach very hands on and through building upon key design elements till the full picture is present.  Experimentation through small model or maquette making till the problem is solved is an integral method in my teaching. The students have a visual record of why one approach succeeded over the other when  solving the problem that is presented to them.  Many students engaged in the art are more in tuned to visual learning and respond to this method.
I measure my effectiveness as a teacher by having the students truly understand how the problem is solved with multiple answers. I understand and accept the challenge that our brains are not wired the same way and often one student will understand an explanation while another will need to be taught a different approach. I take the time to ensure Im able to explain the concept that is to be taught to the students so that we all meet at a point of understanding.
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