BA Studio Art, Moravian College, Bethlehem, PA


     Instructor, The Baum School of Art, Allentown, PA (1987-present)
    Instructor, J2 Tech, Allentown, PA  (2000-2010)
    Owner, Sandforms Web Design, Bethlehem, PA


***The linked Claymation was created by the 2010 Post Session Explorations in Sculpture Class at The Baum School of Art, Allentown PA. Tom Unger, instructor.


Teaching Philosophy

I believe that children naturally learn through play and try to teach the fundamentals of art and design in fun ways. The child must first enjoy the process if he/she is to continue learning. I also try to stress process over product. The skills, knowledge, patience and work methods fostered will outlast most of the works produced in class, and is the true treasure gained.
I also believe that the natural curiosity of children can be tapped in the classroom. Discovery through experimentation and exploration with the elements of design, meaning and media allows students to acquire knowledge and skills through self-discovery. Such knowledge is not forgotten when the class is over. Projects are also designed to employ simple "child-friendly" media that most families already own or can easily acquire. The students are then more likely to continue the learning on their own.

The blank paper or unformed lump of clay in many ways represents an ultimate creative challenge, and art classes help students to develop problem-solving skills and learning methodologies that are useful in all walks of life. Most of my classes not only cover the fundamentals of art, but where the opportunity presents itself, topics such as Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and more are also explored. Dividing clay into fractional portions, working with rulers or liquid measure, observations of animals, insects, people, plants machines etc represent but a few of the many opportunities for additional learning in a very natural way.


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