2018 Adults Spring
Ceramics: Creating with Clay
Tuition: $250.00
Lab Fee: $25.00
Start Date: February 21st, 2018
Learn the skills to create wheel thrown and hand built pottery through a variety of methods.  Become familiar with the aesthetics and functional aspects of ceramic form.  Learn finishing and glazing techniques. Finished work will be fired, including gas kiln firings.  Beginner through advanced students are welcome.  Students may purchase tools and clay at the first class.  

INSTRUCTOR   |   renzo faggioli
Day(s) Times Baum Code LCC Code PSU Code  
Wednesday 6:30PM - 9:30PM 800EV N/A N/A
Wednesday 12:30PM - 3:30PM 800AF N/A N/A
Tuition: $250.00
Lab Fee: $25.00
Start Date: February 22nd, 2018

Learn the process of throwing, shaping and trimming clay on the potter’s wheel. Students will learn the skills necessary to throw cylinders, cups, bowls and more. Students will have an opportunity to explore surface decoration techniques to enhance their thrown pieces. Finally, students will gain an understanding of glazing techniques to complete their projects. 


INSTRUCTOR   |   christopher sarley
Day(s) Times Baum Code LCC Code PSU Code  
Thursday 6:30PM - 9:30PM 963EV N/A N/A
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